Thank you for your interest in my practice.  Within this site you will find information regarding my background and clinical orientation that I hope you will find helpful.  While the majority of my work is with individuals and couples, I am trained in family therapy as well. 

When working with individuals, I have been most successful in helping:

  • People of all ages struggling with the anxiety that comes with forming their sense of identity by building a career and the forming intimate relationships.
  • Men and women of all ages who are questioning or coming to terms with their sexual orientation.
  • People in various stage of recovery from substance dependence.
  • People who are trying to manage their anxiety by relying upon sexually compulsive behavior.

When working with couples, I have been most successful when working with:

  • Young couples considering whether to conceive or who are transitioning to a family of three.
  • Couples caught in a negative feedback loop in which conflict never gets resolved.
  • Couples who have tried but not been able to resolve conflicts tied to money.
  • Couples figuring out their boundaries with one another when one partner struggles with addiction.
  • Relationship changes when one partner comes out as gay or lesbian.
  • Couples who are questioning their commitment to monogamy and/are exploring an open relationship.

For additional information regarding my clinical interests and specialty areas, please view my profile on the Psychology Today website.

My practice is located in downtown Philadelphia, PA and is convenient to those traveling from Montgomery and Delaware counties as well as other parts of the Philadelphia region.  Feel free to call me for a brief telephone consultation at 215-382-6680 x 4205 to discuss whether my services may be a good fit for you.  Check out the other pages on this site for more information that you may find helpful.

John McWilliams, MSS, LCSW


John C. McWilliams, MSS, LCSW  1880 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite, 1810, Philadelphia, PA 19103  215-382-6680 x4205 

Supportive counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families